Rechargeable Hearing Aids: what to do when the power goes out.

A patient came in for an appointment today and said her neighborhood is scheduled for a blackout today. The problem is, she has the type of rechargeable hearing aids with a charger that doesn’t have a built in battery pack.

I told her that one option is to have the classic cell phone battery charger that you plug into a wall. You would just have to make sure to keep it charged though. Personally, I wouldn’t keep up on that. Too many other things to think about.

So then I got an idea. A buddy of mine and I were watching surfers at the beach, and all of a sudden he pulls out a solar cell phone charger. Wow. That’s such a no-brainer. The affordable ones range in price between $15 and $70 too.

Here are some I’ve found that get high scores online:

Anker 21W solar charge

Renogy 5W solar panel

IEsafy 26,800 mAh battery bank

BigBlue 28W Solar Panel