Santa Barbara Audiology: working from home

I woke up this morning remembering something learned in the school of hard knocks: Work smart. Not just hard.

So here are the “smart” ideas that will keep everyone safe and hopefully keep me from going out of business. It turns out I can work from home in a lot of cases. Here’s how:

1) If get a buy a hearing aid or if you have a current hearing aid, I can program it remotely. The setup takes maybe half an hour. Remote programming is not ideal because it’s only so effective without “real ear” measurements, so I’ll eventually everyone will have to follow up in the office.

2) I can troubleshoot and help you do basic repairs remotely too, either via Skype or the manufacturer’s remote programming software. If you need help with Skype, I can walk you through it over the phone.

3) Manufacturer repairs can be sent from and to your home. Manufacturers are now willing to send repairs directly to patients for free. You can give me repairs through the mail slot or I can mail the repair form, box, and label to you to send it in yourself. Sometimes I have to reprogram a repair first though. In that case, you’ll have to pick it up at the office or pay for me to FedEx/UPS it to you.

4) And finally, I can mail batteries, domes, wax guards, tubing etc

These days it feels like what my grandmother went through in her lifetime – the flu epidemic, the dust bowl, the depression… only it’s happening all at once. We have to stick together (6 feet apart).