Life in Santa Barbara with Covid 19

We’re still open during this crisis. But there are a few changes though. Carol and the pups are staying home for now. I’m answering the phone as I can. I’m seeing only one patient in the office at a time and I’m encouraging everyone to make an appointment rather than just drop by. I’m wearing a mask and gloves, although I’m not sick, and I’m cleaning everything throughout the day. There are so many people who come here who are in the highest risk group and I’m doing all I can.

A woman was walking by and decided to ask about the chair. She said amiably, “Is this your chair? Is it just siting here all lonely?” I told her that I had put the chair outside for anyone who feels safer sitting in the sunshine when there’s another patient in the office. It’s also for people in the long line at Trader Joe’s if they get tired. Sunshine and a nice view of the mountains. What could be healthier, eh? She really liked the idea and told me enthusiastically that I had to post it.

Please stay well and safe everyone. Practice patience and kindness.