Affordable Hearing Aids

Probe Microphone Measuring Equipment

Hearing aids are expensive and reviews are mixed. Here we cover insurance for hearing aids, affordable hearing aids, and the factors that go into a successful fitting.

First, Congress made way for mail order “Personal Sound Amplification Products” or PSAPs. The difference between PSAPs is that they can’t be programmed to match your hearing loss, because there is no probe mic testing (see video), they can’t be fine tuned as the brain adapts, and they don’t process noise well.

Second, insurances are covering hearing aids more often now than ever. At one end, there is United Health Care, which partnered with High Health Innovations to provide basic mail order hearing aids. They have the same limitations as PSAPs. In the middle, there is EPIC, that gives a discount of about $1000 for a pair of hearing aids. At the other end, some plans cover the entire cost. Call the number on the back of your card to find out.

And finally, MediCal, the Department of Rehabilitation, and the Veteran’s Administration cover hearing aids for those who qualify. Starkey also has a program called Hear Now for people who can not afford hearing aids.

We are providers for Epic, Blue Shield, Anthem, MediCal, and the Department of Rehab.