Affordable Hearing Aids

A hearing aid can cost $3000. The expensive ones are better in tough listening situations, give me more options to tailor it to my patient, and the sound quality is better. But $1000-3000 is too much for most of us, so here are some more affordable options.

I have basic hearing aids starting at $900 and so does Costco.

I can get refurbished hearing aids from Starkey for around $500 and they have a 1 year warranty.

A PSAP (Personal Sound Amplification Product) is an amplifier you can get online. Etymotic Research is a reputable manufacturer.

The first two are actually programmed and validated with testing to fit your hearing loss. PSAPs are designed for people with mild hearing loss and are not custom fit.

Whatever you choose, keep your receipt. By law, you always get a 45 day trial with a full refund.